Another Issue To Comment Upon

Here is another link that I’d like you all to look at. Please read the following article:

 I would like you to comment upon this, in a few paragraphs, in your blogs. Are you, personally, OK with the idea of a machine that knows this much about you? What about other objects? What do you think about a pair of socks that record where you are and what you do (and yes, they do already exist)?

Do you agree with the author’s viewpoint that we are left with an unacceptable choice – to keep up with technology, or to retain our personal privacy?

Can you think of any ways in which this invasion of your privacy could be dangerous to you?

Also: please comment on at least three other person’s blogs, referring specifically to this assignment. (If yours is one of the blogs I couldn’t find, please re-create your blog, using a name that you do not use elsewhere online.)


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